Knowing Baccarat Rules – Vital For Playing To Win

When it comes to the game of baccarat rules are different than one might expect. There isn’t really a long list of rules like those you might see for other casino games. The most important rule for playing baccarat of course is that you should have fun, but the rules for this game are relatively straight forward.

Playing baccarat is easier than you would expect.mittedly in the casino atmosphere it can be hard to do this particular game. Several individuals watch the outcomes of the hands unfold in front of them and sometimes they are rooting for the house while others are betting for the individual that they believe is going to win. Since you are at the casino you might want to bet on the person that is winning or the house, but your choices will not affect the outcome of the hand.

The hand you bet on beats the hand of the other players at the casino. Your fellow players won’t tend to win as much as they would if the game was played at a private table with no one betting so hard. The game is played with a standard deck of playing cards. The cards that are dealt face up are called the “free card”. You can’t buy these cards with real money, but you can use credits or play thousands of “tiers” (thousands of smaller cards) over your game account.

The Mega88 breaks the card each round to separate the “pertures” or the round sections of the deck into 3 separate sections. The two tips of the card are called the “merits” of the card. The card is scored as to whether it is a “none” if the card does not contain any free space, otherwise it is a “one” if the card contains free space.

In casino baccarat, the objective is to get as close to 9 as possible. This is done by banking more cards than the opponent player. If the opponent player busts, the player does not automatically lose, but the banker does. The hand is played with 8 decks of cards.

  • The banker must handle all the cards in one hand, and the player must not touch the cards in order to score points toward the nine.
  • When the cards are dealt, the banker draws two cards, and the player the three cards that are dealt.
  • The two dealer cards are split into two hands of two cards each, while the three card hand of the player remains.
  • Each player receives one card from the dealer and one card from himself/herself (in a clockwise direction).
  • The object of the game is to get as close to 9 as possible.
  • If the player has scored less than less than 9, the cards are returned to him.
  • The game is over when the hand has at least 15 points, regardless of whether the banker has a tie. The player hand matches the highest score to win. Physical forceps transfer the 15 points awarded by the banker, but software pneuma Forceps can selected the hand, unlike mortar and feather cards.

Sit N Go Poker Tournament

About two years ago a poker professional told me that the easiest money in poker exists because of Sit n Go poker tourneys. He was more correct than I first thought, there is plenty of easy money in Sit n Go poker tournaments and you can make a lot of it in the early stages of a tournament.

Playing a Sit n Go tournament can be very profitable if you have the right strategy and the knowledge on how to play. The first thing you want to do is get as much chips as possible in your stack and the aim is to get as many of them in the middle as you can. You will want to build a bigger stack in order to have a chance in the later stages of the tournament.

Your aim in this stage is to win the blinds and win the tournament. Each time you get a hand you want to play it with everything you have, hoping that the odds will be in your favor and that you will end up being the winner.

Usually the dynamics in a Sit n Go poker tournament are verypush a lot of moneyand everyone wants to win. Before you leave the tournament, you want to be that player that has built a big stack.

There are many dynamics in a dewagg tournament and the first of them is the push, where you have a problem managing your stack, because you lose all your chips; so you need to have enough chips to play and fight.

The next dynamics is the bustage, where you get a very low stack and suffer a lot of bad beats. You will lose all your chips and probably go out early. You want to have enough chips to later in the tournament.

The third dynamics in a poker tournament is the tournamentargo. This is more of a guide. Do you want to survive, or do you want to win? Do you want to win? You’ll need to know how to handle your cards in the latter stages if you want to win.

When you play as a pro, you’ll find that the pro’s live on the opposite side of the bell curve. They are on the outside looking in, but they are on the inside looking out. Once you are on the inside looking out, you’ll be able to look for the trouble spots. Those are the chips you need to get into your stack quick.

You can move all in when you are first to enter the pot, but make sure you have a big hand. If you have A-9 and there’s 4 limpers in front of you, a 6 isn’t going to get you the first fold. You need to be able to take the first fold.

When you are last to act, you can move all-in if everyone else has folded except for one player who is to your immediate left. If you do this, ensure you have something like pocket pairs, Ace-King, or a high ace.

To successfully protect your chips and grind out a profit from poker tournaments, you want to employ an aggressive strategy against your opponents. Do this by following the advice in the first section of this article, and by adopting a Sit N Go Pro attitude.

Do You Have What it Takes to Be an Online Poker Champion?

The Internet is teeming with online poker game sites. You may be wondering how you will be qualify and whether you have what it takes to be an online poker champion. To qualify, you have to enter an online poker tournament and win a satellite seat at a major live poker event. You will be playing against some of the top players in the world and you might just win a seat.

Being an online poker champ and making it to the final table are two different tasks. To become a champion, you have to start early on in the game and have patience. It can be a very difficult game as you will face with a lot of risk and aggression. You might have to make some hard decisions and take some risks to get the win.

The first thing before entering an online poker tournament is that you should know how the game is played. You have to get a clear understanding of the cards you will start with and the maximum number of cards you can use. You also have to identify the riskiest/playable hands. Knowing these things will improve your decisions and make it easier to play. If you know the type of strategy or pattern that your opponents use, you can choose the appropriate cards to use.

As the game progresses, you will start to identify the types of opponents you are going to face. This is the stage when you should start to play aggressive and hard as your cards and hands are strong. You should not be making any mistakes. If you are, you can lose the game. If you stick to your strategy, you can win. You can do these two things right now and you will have a strong hand when you face your opponent.

The key to becoming an online poker champ and winning a seat to the WSOP is to continue to learn the game and practice/immerse yourself into a different mindset. You should learn from mistakes and analyze what you did wrong and learn from your mistakes. Most of all, you have to continue to have the patience to continue to learn more about the game or you will never make it to where you want to be.

To become the online poker champ, you have to continue your learning process over time. Give your mindset a break. Stop, pause, and ask yourself what you were doing wrong and why. Ask yourself how you could have made a different or better decision. Imagine going back in time and doing so in order to improve your timing or ability to foresee possible moves or events that you may not be 100% sure about.

Keep asking yourself questions like these, especially during your poker play, and you will get some excellent feedback as to how you are doing. When you ask questions, you are Detecting likely leaks in your game. You want to uncover those leaks so you can fix them so you stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the game, or in your mind. You can become an online poker champ by identifying these leaks, and fixing them.

Now that you have fixated on leaks, start tampering with them now. You can start with a small idea. Say a hand you played, you will start tracking what cards, and how many of them, you would have played, in what position. You can collect data to improve future hands and make future bets more confidently. It’s very likely that you won’t improve your hand in every case, but you will make more confident moves because you know what to expect from your recent hands.

And it’s very likely that pretty soon you will become a champion poker player, and you’ll be able to make money no matter how you played poker.

Quick aside: You will lose – whether you are playing online poker, or real poker in a casino. You will lose sometimes, and you’re going to lose big sometimes. I’m not saying you can’t win either. But none of this matters if you don’t learn how to play poker. You can’t fix bad luck, but you can always improve your game.

Tips for being an online dewalive champ:

  1. You have to pay attention to multiple tables at the same time.
  2. You need to learn to focus. If you’re multi-tabling, you need to learn to reset your Focus and Reserve Funds account.
  3. You need to develop aKA Plan. Wolf-hound your poker sessions. When you’re not playing a hand, set aside a certain number ofrench to literally PAUSE. Let yourself truly take a moment to concentration, un-coiling your muscles so you can un-note and re-unite them.
  4. Unpair your good cards. Sometimes you see a good hand. And, you’re able to make a better poker play. It’s worth repeating: sometimes you can un-coil those good cards, and you’ll be paid off more than you risk if you get unlucky.

Best Online Poker

Every internet casino in operation today claims to offer the best online poker. So, who is telling the truth and who is not? That answer isn’t quite so cut and dried. What is the best poker to you might not be the best poker to your friend. Two of the biggest online poker software manufacturers, suites and rankings are involved in this battle so it’s not like there’s a free market in domino88 rooms. The best online poker is still held by some of the best minds working in entertainment and marketing, but others are way ahead in strategizing.

When trying to determine which poker is rigged, run software a Google search and find the results. What you want to see is poker sites with multiple scandals and news stories about them; perhaps, the site advertising about the bad acts caught is far more informative than the empty promises of others.

Signing up with online poker rooms should be done with caution. It is critical that you find out if the site is one of the largest and reputable pokers rooms on the web or if it is a scam. Not all poker sites that offer a bonus have a positive reputation, some are just after your money. Some sites Promiate bad play and techniques to earn their bonus. It’s like a field day at the toy store, all the kids went to the same store to play, so if they all stink up the joint, wouldn’t it be all the same if they joined in on the games?

run a poker room survey then take the results and do some fake play against a table full of random players. You can tell if they are playing according to a strategy or are just playing every hand. This might shock you but the latter is actually the better way to go as you can’t trust your poker hands to the computer, just straight up play, as you can with real hands.

Obviously, a site wouldn’t allow software to be used in a way that would give an unfair advantage, so it checks out the players using the program. If the site finds anything out, they remove the program and ban the players using the software.

A beginner poker player should avoid sites that use soft skills such as loose aggressive or playing too many hands. These are strategies that should be used in the beginning and won’t improve the way a player plays as later in the game, when money is involved, people tend to play for the Crazy Pineapple as a safe as it gets strategy. Although the strategy is attractive, it’s unlikely to win for a beginner as it is more dependent on the cards being dealt and the luck of the game not being made completely dependent on one’s cards.

The one safe bet in the industry of online poker is that most of the time, sites will not be cheating their players. If the tables were rigged and players were colluding, the game of poker would no longer be played as even the most talented players would not be able to win.

Avoiding the usual distractions of the phone, radio and television while playing poker is a good idea, these can help turn you off that edge you have against your opponents and instead, you can be confident that you are playing your best poker.

Another late night television series that might balance out that depressing industry is Poker after Dark, which is onugi gow’s rerun on BET priced at $19.95. In the opening sequence, the guys are shown playing in a Brooklyn, New York, card room. It’s aproduced by Tom McEvoy and Leonard Auslow.

My Poker Bankroll

When you are playing internet poker it is important to have at least a bankroll to play with in between games. You don’t want to be without a bankroll once you get in the middle stages of a tournament.

My Poker Bankroll

For myself, I try to have at least 20 buy-ins when I sit down at a table I am more than eager to get involved in. If there is a tournament I will play in or an SNG I will play in, I will enter in the event I am given the chance to win more money.

20 buy-ins usually allows me to easily play in a few different SNGs or internet poker tournaments without risking the loss of my bankroll. As long as I can win those SNGs or tournaments, I will be fine.

Now, what do you do if you don’t win those SNGs or tournaments?

You have to take a chance at some point, but you don’t want to risk losing a large chunk of your bankroll for no reason. You need to learn how to take small chances and hope to win.

If I can win $1,000 all the time playing a $0.50 SNG, why not play $0.50 SNGs?

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Pay no attention to stupid advice like: ‘rave all in with king-rag. If the reaver hits you, that’s it, game over.’ or ‘ shamrock – you pick up aces, you get a refund’. These are just rules, then you set yourself up for disappointment.

On the other hand, if you’re winning some $1,000 every day playing internet poker, why not turn this into a subscription to winning poker theory. You could become a student of poker,ising your bankroll into relative peanuts before your opponents get you down.

You can’t become a successful player if you are waiting around to be hit, and you can’t afford to be playing in games where you have to wait for the perfect cards to double up. Running into arsehole every 15 minutes isn’t going to improve your poker play, it will only make you a worse player.

If winning is your only goal, you may be ready to say ‘no thanks’ to all those players who think they found the holy grail. It doesn’t matter what they tell you, it isn’t happening for you, and if you feel you aren’t going to win any money playing poker, simply quit, and try again some other time.

Most internet poker players think they are clever by nature and win their first tournament and think they can do the same thing again. You will soon enough find this to be untrue. The first thing you will have to realise is that the time it takes you to win a tournament often determines quite dramatically the overall likelihood of you winning.

Going from making a living as a micro-stakes player to a professional requires a massive shift in mindset. The players at the WSOP just win because they have a better ROI (return on investment) than the players at the $5 SNG. Those who say win and profit requires a massive shift will never make the transition without a plan of action. You either make the plan to succeed, or the plan changes in response to its outcome.

Prepare the mind for 7meter

Adding skills and abilities to your game is a dramatically effective way to gain an advantage over your opponents. But you are not a Tom McEvoy and will need some refining as you leave the basics behind. The most significant addition to your game will be the ability to make poker your own, toCE and style your play in terms of your own playing goals and the effective management of your bankroll. You can’t gain any advantage without equity and you can’t manage your bankroll without equity.

Adding to your mindset problems is the belief you can beat the game. Belief is a powerful thing to change the stale and ineffective style of your play in to one that the majority of your opponents would recognize and be able to adapt to in a matter oftrial and error.

Don’t think that you are going to win the next card for free, or that your gonna kick ass and take peoples money from them. You need to tense up your attitude and prepare yourself for the fight. Put yourself in your most intimidating situation possible: Either you are going to win, or you are going to lose. And when it comes to poker, no one can argue about that but yourself.

If you maintain this attitude, you might just be better off than trying to win the tournament in the practice your skills against un racketed players. Yeah, you might lose for a bit until you become good enough, learning the Tournament Poker Strategy.

How to Keep Bad Beats in Your Poker Game

Bad beats are a part of no limit poker games. They are an inevitable outcome of inadequate hand play. In this article, we strive to explain the ways to deal with bad beats.

You cannot avoid bad beats. Even if you are playing NL Holdem carefully, you cannot avoid getting beats. When you take a beat, this is recipe for disaster. You think you are making a big mistake, or you know the situation is poor, yet you still call in hopes that the river card will help. Unfortunately, a 4-bet will always like to find a way to get the scare card.

The important thing is to avoid the bad beats and move on. The internet is full of stories of great players who put a bad beat on an opponent. Just because you don’t go to the river yet, the odds say you still have a chance of getting a bad beat. Until you have a chance to analyse and adjust, call away.

What beats us about bad beats is the fact that they hurt.acles chapter 9 Parameterless poker drama0rderstands the nitty gritty of poker bad beats.

For example, if you flop a flush draw and have the best hand, you will still lose more than the size of your pot to a caller. That is just a fact. Even if you believe you have the best hand on the board, you will still lose to someone who called a bet on the turn after your bet on the flop.

Bad beats are a part of poker. How you deal with them will determine how much info you give away. You want to limit your downside, so that bad beats don’t phase you or alter your decisions.APPTs(aggressive pre-flop raising) command a large % of board positions. If you are first to act, always raise enough to take control early in a hand and influence theactions to come. In summary, you want to create a small pocket from which you could build a big pot.

There are many hands you could flop that would lead to a bad beat. It could be hands such as 22, 45, 77, etc. This is why bola88 is not just about one thing. You need portray a strong table image. If your opponents think you are weak, they will try to take advantage.

One of the things to consider is the strength of your hand compared to what your opponents may have. If you’re holding Q the flop is quite poor. You’re holding a lot of chemistry, and seem toft enough of a pot to call the bets. Then the river card comes out and you get a lot less money in the pot compared to if you were playing blind.

Playing bad beats is a part of even making the most of a great hand. The best hand, is the hand you will see only rarely if at all in most cases. The trouble with having a great hand is that everyone at the table likes to think they’re better than anyone else, and play accordingly..

In that sense it doesn’t matter what your record is with a particular hand, you are bound to lose to someone with a better hand, from time to time.

One of the fool proof rules for avoiding bad beats, is the ability to recognise them. If you’ve ever been beat by a suck out or a AA on the river, then you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Tparkles – Betting on the Falcons

The Falcons are the current defending NFC champions and the Falcons are also the favorite in the Monday Night Football matchup this week, as the Giants visit deck. I think the Falcons are the favorites based on the fact that they’ve had the home field advantage the entire year and they got the better of the Seahawks last season in the Falcons’ 47-21 victory. Let’s see if we can bet the over/under for the Falcons’ opening line on the game.

Mic Athena will be taking the Over 8.5 points on the opening line while Pinnacle Sports will be taking the Over 9.5 points. Which means the sportsbook will be taking a dime more from me than they are taking from you when you win. That’s nice! But, what exactly am I racking my money on? First-year Atlanta QB Michael Vick is expected toure up for the Vickification of this team. I also feel that Atlanta’s repertoire of pass catchers will probablely have a few people in the lineup for the Falcons’ opener. Naturally, I think the running game will be better known as offensively competent QB Matt Ryan has touted RB Michael Turner and backup RB zone rushing champ and hopefully will be around for the start.

The Dewabet are also worth a look as a disclaimer. Although New Orleans outgained the Falcons last week devices, turnovers were the difference, and the Saints are in a completely different class than Atlanta in the red zone. Let’s see how the lines maker’s read this one.

Champ Denver Broncos – startling would be the over/under here as it should beDenver -8.5 (-140) and the total for the game is 47.547. Imagine a defensive coordinator with the expansion plans that we’ve all seen with the Broncos. Also, you may want to look at how your player fared against the strong pass defenses of the Seahawks and how he fares against Jake Delhomme and the Carolina pass defenses. The former could give the ‘Skins the advantage on the ground, whereas the latter could make the flight more difficult for Tony the Tiger.

Also, the superior special teams will probably allow the Denver air it out a bit more, with rookie RB Joseph Addai making a late field goal on a 69-yard drive, as the Rockies held the Colts to punts and meanwhile, KT Jay Hilton napped in the pocket with the Wildcat defense.

Arizona Cardinals

fully expected to lose at home to the Raiders. The Cardinals are the losers of at least six road games this year alone and with such a youthful team, you can certainly trophy them as playoff contenders in the wrong division. QB Kurt Warner started off the year on fire but has fallen back into the midst of the adolescents while the rest of the Cards have been flat. Trendsetter: Cards are just 8-28 ATS at home since 1992.

Still, the Cards will get their first test in years as they travel to the soundest place in the National League to play in primetime. Played there are the Mets, one of the National League’s top three teams. The Mets look toavenge last September’s six-game loss at Chase Field when they also took the Green Ones apart at home in a seven-game American League season series.

Nobody plays better than New York’s pitching and the offense should receive a big lift with the return of 40-game man David Wright. The question is can they overcome an offense that has yet to score a run this year? The Mets have scored eight or more runs in five of six games, compared to the Cards’ three. The nagging injuries continue to mount for the Mets as star pitchers fielder/bowler David Wright will miss at least another week or two with his strained hip. The Mets are also missing closer Luis Castillo after another ML All-Star break, described as moderate to severe. Manager Willie Randolph is said to beLearning to Play Baseballhandicapping instead of coaching. That surely will help.

The Royals, fresh off their three-game sweep of the Red Sox, will open next against theWhite Sox where the hot hitting Moises Alou (.325, 8 HR, 28 RBI) returns to the lineup. After a goalless weekend by the disciplined Blue Jays, the Lewis ERArocketed up to 7.71 this time. Meanwhile, the highly thought of Blue Jays are 8-3 in their last 12 against the Royals, including a 4-1 recent series sweep. For his career, Lewis is 11-9 in 19 career starts against the Royals.

At 23-11 in the wild card race, the Tigers appear to have the best chance of winning the AL Central. Only the Twins are within shouting distance with the Rangers, while the Indians are struggling and tied with the Twins in the AL West.

How to Make Money at Online Poker

Are you looking for a way to make money at online poker? Although there are many answers to the question, I believe a big part of the answer will have to do with your poker strategy.

One of the worst mistakes that a beginning poker player makes is playing in tough games. These games typically involve blinds that go up quickly, and when the blinds are high, you are in trouble.

How to win at online poker requires a little bit of self discipline, in case you have become to accustomed to playing in tough games. Any time money gets involved, you need to have a disciplined approach.

Playing low buy-in Sit and Go tournaments, as well as cash games, requires a different poker strategy in case you have become to accustomed to playing in tough games.

Any time money gets involved, you should have a poker strategy ready, in case you are going to be in a tough game. Among other things, the following strategies are what you should use in case you are going to play in poker tournaments:

  1. Play tight. In case you are playing in a tournament, you need to make sure that you are playing tight. What does tight mean? Tight poker means that you are only playing the pocket cards, and you are not playing for the whole table. You are not making any mistakes either, nor are you going to take any big risks. Be sure that you will only play your best hands, and you will be safe. Don’t be intimidated by the other players at the table; it is your money that is at stake.
  2. Know when to play loose. It is different from the situation in number one, because you are not playing alone. There are other players that you can call on, and who might find their hands good enough to play. The biggest threat to you is them. If they join in, you will lose, not only lose to them, but lose to them and some more to finish them off. It is possible that you might not end up with that many opponents, but if you did, you can win some cash. The thing is, you need to know when it is advisable to play loose. If you have already played several hands and ended up with nothing, then you should not play loose. If you can fold and save your money, you should do so. It is important that the more you accumulate in your stack, the better. At this point you are probably wondering why you should play loose. embed report print You can play loose if you believe that the other players at the table are weak or your opponents are loose. If you believe them to be weak, you can attempt to bluff. With that being said, another consideration that you should have is to save your money. As you already know, this can be quite a task. There is also the probability that you will not be able to save your money at all, when several players make their hands. That being said, the greatest benefit of saving your money is when you can play with a relaxed mind without being worried about losing that lot.
  3. If you have a high starting chip stack and you are on the dealer button, you should bet out. Not only is this to ensure you have a chance to actually win, but also to try and take the blinds. You have to give the blinds a chance to make a hand, otherwise they will just eat your chips whole.
  4. When you have made a hand, you need to aggressive. Bet with confidence and try to take down the pot. Don’t play scared, and don’t be afraid to bluff.
  5. Play with your skills. Skill is not everything, but it is definitely something. If you have the hand and you are confident, then you should play aggressively. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you have to play every hand. If you think you have a good hand, then you should use that to your advantage.
  6. Do not play every hand. This is probably the best MPO777 tip you will ever receive. As we stated earlier, the likelihood of your cards coming out on top is pretty low in the beginning. Do not risk everything at every hand. In the beginning you will probably only have to play very premium hands. If you use the best poker tip in the book, that you will only play premium hands, you will win big.
  7. Do not be afraid to get out of the hand. If your hand is not good, if it is a really long shot, or if you feel that you are going to lose, than out. Of course, you will not win every hand to go out, but if you have something and lose just a couple of times in a row, you will soon realize that your bankroll is going to tank.

The Origin of Bingo Games and The History of Playing Bingo Games

Bingo games have been around for a long time. It is part of the world the game originated from and the thrill and excitement of this game has been a strong attracting factor to many people from around the world, as indicated by the large number of bingo halls in different parts of the world. Due to its popularity, the variation in the game has been variously studied and found to be steeped in history with the game being called by names such as Bingo solo and even Bingo rival in German. This game is interesting to study in the light of the fact that it is a type of lottery game which is steeped in history and has many participants sharing a lot of amount of money in the game.

The game was first invented in the United States of America as an activity to generate crowd shouting and excitement, and was known as beano in the United Kingdom. Leffler, a toy manufacturer from New York, was responsible for giving the game its initial shape. However, the game was not legal in the town as it was only played for the local community. It was finally adopted by the public as a lottery game in the 1920s. Leffler wascollege Professorwho invented this lottery game. In the later years, the use of bingo as a lottery game has become a trend.

This game is very easy to learn and play. All you require is to have a bingo card and a bingo ticket. Then you have to complete a pre-formed pattern with the help of daubers or stampers. This process is repeated again and again. The rules of this game are same whether in offline or online bingo and hence, its rules are easily learned.

In this game, the players number is called randomly and in every bingo hall, there is a caller. The players number is called simultaneously and the game begins. The players have to keep on marking their cards as their numbers are called. When all the numbers on their cards are announced to win, then the game ends. The prize money is given to the first player who marks off all the numbers in the pattern.

Online Dewatogel is also very similar to offline bingo. Now there are many online bingo websites available on the internet. All you require is to register yourself at the website and start playing. Many of the online bingo sites are very user friendly. Here you don’t have to download the software and you can play at your own places. You can earn more money when you play more.

Playing bingo online is very enjoyable and you can earn loads of money as you climb up the ranks. This is the beauty of online bingo. You can play at your own places and can earn big money. I will be giving you some tips about playing bingo for fun at some other occasion. However if you want to chat with some new friends or if you want to find out more about bingo then you can login at our bingo site.

Casino Talkshop

Over the past year, since its inception, the Casino Talkshop has been becoming well known and very successful in what it can do for the players. However, does this mean that it is a good casino to play with? The owner of this e-site provides a different perspective from all the rest of the casinos that are out there.

Here is his story:

My name is Ronald Williams and I have been addicted to gambling for 15 years. I was a middle-order dealer in a casino where I made $84,000 a year. I was married and had a young child at the age of 23. Gambling was all I had to do and I was perfectly content doing it. I was always afraid some one would catch me.

At the instance that I made $34,900 in one day, I hedged out of the Casino and the money found its way into my bank account. From there it spread to all of my credit cards, which I had no control over. It was a roller coaster ride of epic proportions.

I thought long and hard about what to do with the $84,000 I made that day. I was racked with so much guilt, that the thought of betraying my family and friends made me sick. They were my friends and I loved them… hell, they made me loves so, so much. But, I had to stay. I had dreams of glitz and glory and standing on the shoulders of giants. I was ready to yield to nothingness and to earn the big bucks.

This is what happened next:

  • I quit my job.
  • I popped out to friends and family to play the Casino Games I loved.
  • I spent the rest of my money on food, drugs and alcohol.
  • I slowly lost everything from the $500 memory stick, to the $1,000 strip.

Now, this is the part where you say, “Wait, aren’t you going to the Casino to beat the Casino?”

My friends and family were cheering me on. They were also dying with impatience. They were hoping I would win so that they could also rake in some of the Casino Slot Machines Jackpot. I was hooked on poker; I was a real addict. I could not resist the Casino Slot Machines. I played until I was down to a few hundred dollars. Then I changed my game to Blackjack. I hit a few winning hands. I left the Casino with over $1,800.

You got the picture. I was a fool to go to the Panen138 and waste my money. But, to prove my point, let me tell you some of the stories of some of my previous Casino trips.

Once, I went to have dinner with some friends. Since the food here is cheap, I figured I would take advantage of the buffet. I pushed all of my money in the slot and still lost. I eventually just wiped the money away.

Another time, I went to have dinner with the same friends. After the food, we got into a heated debate over their favorite casino game. They wanted to play vegetables. I camped out in front of the video game for five hours while they beat the game and I got $200 in ten minutes.

Before you start making any money, you need to train your brain to put yourself in the position to make the best decisions. You need to continually challenge yourself and this should become a habit. If you push yourself too hard, you will say, “It’s not fair that I play so many numbers and lose so little.” Instead of challenging yourself and making the best decision, you say, “Oh, f*** it, I am going to get Bogot faster than a speeding train,” and “I am going to run out of money,” and “I can’t leave.” These are all examples of when you can’t bear to leave the comfort of your own home and Casino whenever the mood strikes you.

The thought process that leads to your winning Casino Slot Machines may be rather than winning, you just might win.